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[Help-glpk] GLPK Maximum row limit error

From: Vignesh Sridharan
Subject: [Help-glpk] GLPK Maximum row limit error
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 11:15:09 +0000


I am using GLPK to create an LP file which I will later optimize using CPLEX. 
But while I am creating the LP file, the following error occurs.
glp_add_rows: nrs = 186919944; too many rows
error detected in file ..\src\glpapi01.c  at  line  251

I checked the resepectiv .C file and found that GLPK has a row limit of 100000000. Can this limit be changed ? 
Could you help me with a way around this issue ?
For the back ground. This model is a energy systems model on the likes of MARKAL in open source. This problem occurs when I am trying to model the whole of Africa's energy system (more than 10 countries at a time). My GNU Mathprog code is 470 line long and my data file is 1000000 lines long.


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