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[Help-glpk] Questions regarding Simplex during Integer Optimization

From: Sebastian Heger
Subject: [Help-glpk] Questions regarding Simplex during Integer Optimization
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2017 11:40:51 +0000

Hey community,


I want to set overall simplex parameters for an integer (linear) optimization. I am little bit confused, that I “only” can use glp_simplex (where I can set parameters like pricing, meth, etc.) prior to the integer optimization. But then the MILP has no presolve option and I seems that the simplex with standard settings (as far as I can interpret the code/output) is applied during branch-and-cut. The documentation doesn’t tell me more details about that.


So, I thought to ask community for some explanation. Did it get the situation right and might there be future enhancements? I am not a native c developer, but after I inspected the code a little bit, it might be possible to pass a smcp optionally also to integer optimization or make parts of the parameters (at least meth, pricing) to be available through iocp. I could imagine an overall performance jump if dual simplex can be fully used during integer optimization for a variety of models.


Thanks for your support.


Sebastian Heger

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