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Gnatsweb report for Gnats 4.0

From: Panon, Paul-Andre
Subject: Gnatsweb report for Gnats 4.0
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 17:51:23 -0700


A couple of our users who like dead-tree reports wanted to be able to get a
View-style report of multiple PRs at once. The following diff contains some
(ugly, hacked) additions to the script.  It adds a "Report"
button to the query results screen when the table contains between 2 and 50
rows. Pressing the button will report on a single web page the details of
all the PRs in the result list. If you first select one of the result column
titles (i.e. Responsible or Class) so that the Query results are ordered by
that column, the report will also present the PRs in the same order.  This
patch steals/copies a fair amount of code from the subroutines for view and
submit query; it is probably possible to separate out common code into
common procedures but I couldn't justify spending the time.

However, if it seems useful for others, somebody could clean it up (or not)
and incorporate it into the gnatsweb distribution.  I checked gnatsweb out
of CVS on June 6, however since the changes are mostly in a standalone set
of perl subroutines it hopefully shouldn't be significantly changed. There's
also a couple of other changes which could probably be omitted: I fixed a
couple of missing HTML closing tags (there's probably still many missing),
and applied the patch somebody posted earlier on the dev list to work around
the error reported by gnatsd when no criteria area is submitted on a query
(i.e. "ignore closed" is unchecked)

Paul-Andre Panon 


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