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Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: how to install gnatsweb???

From: stefan . kaes
Subject: Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: how to install gnatsweb???
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 10:27:52 +0100

Hmm, I forgot about emacs and the command line tools, since I have stopped
using them long time ago.
It would probably be a lot of work to to fully support mime in the emacs
mode and the command line.
I have another suggestion: don't include the attachments in the pr.
Why not simply store them along with the pr and make the attachment
directory read/write accessible to the web server?
The attachments could then be extracted by gnatsweb and replaced by URLs to
the files on the web server.
The URL's could then be replaced by hrefs when presented through gnatsweb
to the user.
And most email clients convert http://... text into clickable URLs anyway.


                    Yngve Svendsen                                              
                    <address@hidden        An:     address@hidden               
          >                Kopie:  address@hidden            
                                              Thema:  Re: Antwort: Re: how to 
install gnatsweb???                                  
                    20.03.2001 10:11                                            

At 10:03 20.03.2001 +0100, address@hidden wrote:

>Well, I had the same problem: the test failed
> > [....] Can't call method "header" on an undefined value at
> line 2117, <SOCK> line 1.
> > connect...........................................FAIL
>I continued the installation nevertheless: I can query the database via
>gnatsweb and look at pr's but editing pr's doesn't work.
>I get change notification messages per email, but the pr's never change in
>the database. I suspected unix access rights but they look OK.
>Any ideas?

Check the gnats-adm/locks directory. There might be some left-over lock
files there.

>The main reason that I'm trying gnatsweb is its supposed ability to
>file attachments, although from the documentation I got the feeleing, that
>attachments show up in text format in notifications etc.
>Will gnats4 have native support for attachments (so that bug reports have
>mime format)?#

Unfortunately, no. However, since most people who are currently active on
this list are from Europe, I believe we all feel the need for this. But we
are in dire need of active developers. The drip-feeding of single patches
now and then is too little.

Anyone care to do some thinking on how GNATS should be redesigned to handle

MIME? And how should attachments be handled? Where should they be stored,
and how should they appear when viewing GNATS reports in Gnatsweb? in
Emacs? in plain command-line edit-pr?

- Yngve

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