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Re: Web interface for GNATS administration?

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: Re: Web interface for GNATS administration?
Date: 08 Apr 2001 20:26:03 +0200
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>>>>> "HG" == Hugo Gayosso <address@hidden> writes:

    HG> I know that gnatsweb helps in creating, viewing, editing PRs,
    HG> but what about GNATS administration?

    HG> Is there plans to develop such interface? (either inside
    HG> gnatsweb or a completely independent one).

AFAIK it's very unlikely.

As for savannah, the quickest solution is probably to write your own
simple system now.

In longer run, however, I'd prefer moving GNATS closer to already
existent "configuration via Web" systems (don't ask me which ones, I
don't know and use them, but I suppose they exist).  For instance, one
my friend would like GNATS could have stored its configuration in LDAP
so that he could use his general LDAP management system for GNATS

Particularly, if anybody wanted to create a Python API to GNATS, please
let me know.  I've already attempted to create one in gnats2w but did it
in a wrong way (it doesn't fit the flexibility of GNATS 4).

Milan Zamazal

Wasting somebody else's time strikes me as the height of rudeness.
                                                      Bill Gates

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