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regression testing, test harnesses, etc.

From: Dirk Bergstrom
Subject: regression testing, test harnesses, etc.
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 23:45:25 -0700

we've noticed some flaky behavior in our gnats 4.0a install; see the PRs
i recently filed:;cmd=submit%

because of this, and because we like to be paranoid, we want to run some
tests on gnats, to make sure that it's not doing scary things behind our
backs, and to see what and where it's limits are.

is there a test-suite for gnats?  i've seen in the
contrib/gnatsweb directory; it's not much to work with, and it's mostly
aimed at testing a few parts of gnatsweb.  i figure that if y'all are
doing active development, you might have some test-harness scripts
laying around...

i'm going to to test our current install, and run the same tests on 4.0
once it's released (to see if we trust it enough to install it).  if
anyone has scripts i can work with, that would be great; failing that,
suggestions for tests to run would be appreciated.  in any case, i'm
going to try to write somewhat generic test routines, so that they'll be
useful for gnats development, and not just juniper.

your input will be appreciated (though i reserve the right to ignore
good advice and bull-headedly do my own thing).

Dirk Bergstrom               address@hidden
Juniper Networks Inc.,          Computer Geek
Tel: 707.433.0564           Fax: 707.433.0769

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