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Gnatsweb 4 ChangeLog

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: Gnatsweb 4 ChangeLog
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 16:32:54 +0200

This is the last week's ChangeLog from the CVS repository at for what will become Gnatsweb 4.0.

Yngve Svendsen
Gnatsweb maintainer

2001-07-18  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * (view, edit): Removed the check for non-digit
        characters introduced below. It is no longer needed since we now
        treat CODE_NO_PRS_MATCHED as an error.

        * (store_query): Add checking of query name before we
        attempt to store it. According to, cookie
        names must not contain commas, semicolons or spaces, and they must
        not be blank.

        * New variables $print_header_done,
        $page_start_html_done and $page_heading_done to be used to
        ensure that we don't print headers, headings and banners twice.
        (print_header, page_start_html, page_heading): Use these
        - All direct calls to's header function replaced by calls
          to print_header.
        - (gerror): Rewritten to output headers, heading and banner.
        - (get_reply): We now treat the return code CODE_NO_PRS_MATCHED as
          an error. Otherwise, users would be able to edit nonexistent
          PRs. This has the unfortunate side-effect of outputting an error
          when there are no matches to a query, but I consider that a
          small price to pay. Tweaked error code formatting.
        - (popup_or_scrolling_menu): Inserted missing '!' in if statement.
        - (edit): Switched order of page_heading and readpr.

2001-07-16  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * (page_heading): Use -nowrap=>'1' instead of plain
          nowrap to avoid silly messages in the error_log.

        * (error_page): New subroutine which replaces the
        local err_sub routine used in submitedit. We want all error
        reporting to be done through this subroutine, since it gives us
        a consistent look.

        * (popup_or_scrolling_menu): Check if $string is
        defined by using 'if defined' instead of a numeric comparison.

       * (advanced_query_page): Add a line below 'Closed
        After' and 'Closed Before' reminding users to uncheck 'Ignore
        Closed'. Added a little bit of vertical space between tables.
        Ported from 2.x branch.

        * (view, edit): Add a check for non-digit characters
        in PR numbers. If such characters are found, an appropriate error
        message is issued. gnatsd will actually accept PR numbers on the
        format string/xxxx, where xxxx is a number,  and return the
        appropriate PR. However, when edits are submitted to such a PR, a
        new PR with the "number" 'string/xxxx' would be created, with the
        same category as the original PR. This is a workaround for that
        problem. Ported from 2.x branch.

        * (page_heading): Set the width of the table
        containing the page heading and database, username and access
        level to 100%. Opera would display a too narrow table when the
        width wasn't explicitly set.

        * (main): Add an explicit link to the automatic
        redirection page. Fix due to Mark Kuchel. Ported from 2.x branch.

        * (login_page_javascript): Use correct <SCRIPT

        * (submitquery): If there's a query name, include it
        in the page heading. Ported from 2.x branch.

        * (store_query): Gnatsweb will no longer allow you to
        store a query if this would result in more than 20 cookies.
        Otherwise random cookies get dropped and things start acting
        weird. 20 is a magical number as defined in Ported from
        2.x branch.

        * gnatsweb-pl (display_query_results): Added a 'View for
        bookmarking' link, which reloads the same query so that you can
        bookmark it in your browser. Ported from 2.x branch.

        * (submitedit): Modifying the CC list (X-GNATS-Notify
        header) was not working if X-GNATS-Notify existed but was empty.
        Problem turned out to be a couple of extraneous spaces in the
        field substitution regexps.

        * Change the example value of $site_mail_domain from to something nonexistent.

        * Implement redirects after edits (ported from 2.x branch): (get_pr_url): New subroutine. Returns a URL which
        will take one to the specified $pr and with a specified $cmd.
        (get_editpr_url, get_viewpr_url): Rewrite to use get_pr_url.
        (get_script_name): New subroutine. Same as script_name(), but
        includes 'database=xxx' parameter.
        (view, edit): Pass hidden variable return_url.
        (submitedit): New local subroutine err_sub. Makes it easier to
        postpone calling print_header. Rewrite all error messages in
        submitedit to use this routine.
        (submitedit): After submitting edits, users are now redirected
        back to the page where they were before the edit.
        (display_query_results): Change to use get_viewpr_url and
        get_editpr_url so that we get the return_url parameter as part of
        the URL.
        (print_header): New subroutine. Print HTTP header unless it's been
        printed already.
        (main): Don't call header() before calling submitedit(). Let
        submitedit itself take care of printing the headers it needs.

2001-07-15  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * Don't use 'diff -u' during 'make test'; not everyone
        has GNU diff. Ported from 2.x branch.

        * (decode_attachment): Fix a problem where attachments
        containing a double newline in the body would be truncated
        during decoding. Fix due to Omar Rashad.

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