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GNATS email notification & mailman

From: Vikram Chalana
Subject: GNATS email notification & mailman
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 09:23:11 -0700

        I had been happily using GNATS until I until I hit upon this small 
Any suggestions to resolve it would be greatly appreciated.

        For one of my GNATS categories I wanted to send email notification to a
mailman mailing list address. So, in the "categories" files, I set the
"notify" field to this mailman mailing list address.

        The problem is that emails that get sent out related to that category 
rejected by mailman with the error message "Implicit Destination". Even when
I set the mailing list address in the "responsible" field, mailman still
rejects emails to this address.

        I have more control over the gnats configuration than over the mailman
configuration. Does anyone have a suggestion to resolve this problem by
configuring gnats differently?


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