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Help: pr-edit is throwing an error !!

From: Chandra Ramesh
Subject: Help: pr-edit is throwing an error !!
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 09:49:53 +0530


        We have GNATS 3.104 installed on a LINUX machine. We have the Web
interface ( to Gnats thro' which we file our PRs.

        For our Project, I added a new State called "Terminate". (The Other
states are "Open", "in-work", "Fixed-but-to-be-tested", "Closed",
        I added this state "Terminate" in the file "". 

        I invoke the Gnats to file a PR. I file a PR and I get notification
thro' mail too. Upto this point it is working fine.

        Now, I want to "Terminate" this PR. So, I invoke the Web interface.
I enter the PR number and click on "Edit existing PR".
        The required form comes and in the "State" drop box, I select
"Terminate". I also enter the reason for changing the state and finally
        I click on the "Click here to submit changes" button. After clicking
the button I am encountering the following error:

        Your Problem Report changes have not been sent.

        Error: pr-edit returns status 256, and reports:
        pr-edit: Invalid fields>State: Terminate.

        I have a few queries for which I need clarifications:
        1) I know that I have to add this State elsewhere too. In which file
should I add this new State? (pr-edit.c, pr.c, query.c....)
                Which are the files which get modified in case I add a new
        2) Should I change any header files?
        3) After adding this State should I compulsorily use Makefile OR can
I use "gcc" to compile and produce the executable?

        4) During Query of PRs too (through the Web interface), I am not
getting the PRs which are in State "Deferred" and "Terminate".
                Please let me know how I can rectify this.

        Please let me know the solution for this.

Thanks and With Best Regards,
Ramesh Chandra


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