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Re: help

From: Gnanesh V
Subject: Re: help
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 07:36:07 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Sir/Madam,

          As u had mentioned You r right! Exactly the
same process happened. I restarted the system so that
if there were any duplicates cron daemon process
running could be killed. Only one cron daemon was
running after restart.  After this I created the
problem report for which the duplicates were not
observed till now. Its is working fine. Thank you for
the timely suggestion given. 

          One more request from my side. 
Problem : 1 
          We are using one more GNATS-system where in
the problem reports are logged as of now, & we are
using it regularly. I have configured the database of
new GNATS-system exactly the same as the one we are
using. All database & configuration files I have
copied & cross checked it. So the new GNATS which I
had configured will be my backup system or replica of
the existing GNATS-system. 

Now my problem lies here. 
   In new GNATS-system, when I tried to edit & submit
any of the old Problem report which I had copied  the
report is not getting updated in the index file &
audit-trial file. But I'm  not getting any errors. We
receive mails correctly for the edit changes done but
when I query and cross check the same in the html page
the Problem report is not getting updated. It retains
the same old data. So please let me know whether this
problem can be solved & if so pl. give me the steps to

   If this issue is solved then the new GNATS-System
what I had installed can be used as a redundant
system(backup system) so that at any instance, if the
GNATS setup is corrupted on one machine the backup
machine can be used. This can be useful to avoid
hamper in work.

  I would like to welcome & appreciate your suggestion
in this regard.

Thanks & Regards
--- Lars Henriksen <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 12:29:35AM -0700, Gnanesh V
> wrote:
> > Problem 2: 
> >         
> >          The second problem is when I a log
> Problem
> > report through create option the same message is
> > logged twice or thrice with consecutive PR
> numbers.
> > When I query the database and check, there will be
> two
> > or three problem reports with the same/similar
> data
> > present inside & index & audit trial files were
> also
> > updated with duplicates. 
> >          Please suggest me how to overcome this
> > duplication of Problem Reports.
> Check that you only have one cron daemon running.
> Lars Henriksen

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