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RE: Xwindow Title Bar

From: Bingham, Jay
Subject: RE: Xwindow Title Bar
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 11:21:17 -0800

Here is what I have in my .emacs

;; Define a variable that indicates if XEmacs/Lucid Emacs is running.
(defvar running-xemacs (string-match "XEmacs\\|Lucid" emacs-version))

;; Older versions of emacs did not have the variables emacs-major-version
;; emacs-minor-version.  The following sexps define them if they do not
;; making it much easier to do the customize based on the version of emacs
;; is running.

(if (and (not (boundp 'emacs-major-version))
         (string-match "^[0-9]+" emacs-version))
    (setq emacs-major-version
          (string-to-int (substring emacs-version
                                    (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0)))))
(if (and (not (boundp 'emacs-minor-version))
         (string-match "^[0-9]+\\.\\([0-9]+\\)" emacs-version))
    (setq emacs-minor-version
          (string-to-int (substring emacs-version
                                    (match-beginning 1) (match-end 1)))))
(defun running-emacs-version-or-newer (major minor)
  (or (> emacs-major-version major)
      (and (= emacs-major-version major)
           (>= emacs-minor-version minor))))

;; Set screen title to display the flavor of emacs and the selected buffer
(setq frame-title-format
      (concat  "%b "(if running-xemacs "X")
              "<Emacs " emacs-major-version "." emacs-minor-version ">"))
(setq ftitle-prog-name frame-title-format)

The part that you are interested in are the last to sexps.  The rest is
there because it is referenced by the first of these two.  One of these sets
the title in the window frame the other sets the icon title on unix systems,
I don't remember which does which.  You can look that up in the reference

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Austin, TX  78728

                -----Original Message-----
                From:   Stephen Nightingale []
                Sent:   Thursday, November 23, 2000 8:13 PM
                Subject:        Xwindow Title Bar

                Dear Emacs'ers,

                How can I change the Title on the Xwindow Title Bar in my
                emacs window?

                I'm using the Mule version of emacs (to get Japanese text
                input/display) (Emacs 19.34 / Mule 2.3) and I'm trying to
                change the title bar on the mule/emacs window.

                "Learning GNU Emacs" doesn't readily offer a command, and
                using the escaped shell command "xth <some new title text>"
                squishes the proposed new title into the miniwindow.

                Help appreciated .... thanks,

                Stephen Nightingale.
                ATR Spoken Language Translation Laboratory.

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