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VM and subject lines (was: Re: [Q]VC mode)

From: Charles Sebold
Subject: VM and subject lines (was: Re: [Q]VC mode)
Date: 02 Jan 2001 09:56:50 -0600
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On 6 Teveth 5761, Brenda J. Butler wrote:

> At work, I'm trying to use vm to read and send mail.
> I can read mail, and send it.  However, when the message
> is sent, there is no Subject: line.  There is only a Date:
> and a To: line.  The Subject: line is in the body of the
> message, and the Subject: prefix is replaced by ~s.

I would recommend asking on the newsgroup about this.
You can access it via if you do not have access through your
ISP.  They've been doing a lot of work recently to get VM to play nicely
with GNU Emacs 20.
Charles Sebold
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7th of Teveth, 5761
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