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The London Morning Paper

From: James
Subject: The London Morning Paper
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 21:51:29 +0100

Please excuse this unsolicited email, 

but I found you in a group of people that have extreme interest in what is 
going on around them.  

Time  …………………is yours, nobody can replace it. It takes time to look through 
interesting news sources. That's what I do. Each day you will receive a 
newspaper by email that is simply 


A Publication Unlike Any Other

You see, The London Morning Paper is a unique publication. It's the world's 
only international business email based daily. Each business day, it is put 
together by the world's largest staff of news experts.

Each business day, The London Morning Paper includes a broad range of 
information of interest and significance to business-minded people, no matter 
where it comes from. Not just stocks and finance, not just the monopoly press, 
but anything and everything in the whole, fast-moving world of business and 
life….The London Morning Paper gives you all the business news you need - when 
you need it.

And its Free!

Put my statements to the proof by subscribing to The London Morning Paper. 
That's right, confirm this email and get The London Morning Paper for FREE.

If you feel as I do that this is a fair and reasonable proposition, then you 
will want to find out without delay if The London Morning Paper can do for you 
what it is doing already for millions of readers. So please return this email 
and you will begin receiving it immediately.

I can guarantee that you will find The London Morning Paper always interesting, 
always reliable, and always useful.


James Beam van Etten

P.S. if you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please return this to and state REMOVE in the subject line and you will be 
removed. Please note that your email address will not be shared or sold to a 
3rd party.

If you feel that this email was intrusive, let me know. However may I also 
advise you of a product that is absolutely FREE, it will keep emails like this 
out forever, download it at
I thank you for your time and look forward to serving you.

eFAX 0870 164 3984

The mind has no firewalls
Published in London, news in the making, feel free to forward, write to me if 
you wish to be welcomed aboard or if you wish to disembark.
eFAX 0870 164 3984

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