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RE: printing format

From: Bingham, Jay
Subject: RE: printing format
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 08:55:23 -0500


You did not say which command you are using to print, nor did say what type of 
printer you are trying to print to, nor how you have your lpr-command variable 
set to.  All of this information will be extremely useful information to those 
who are trying to answer your question since there is more than one way to 
print in emacs and several variables that can affect the outcome.

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From:   ha nguyen [] 
Sent:   Friday, 10 May, 2002 6:12 a
Subject:        printing format


My printing page format is so bizarre!
If I print a document, I always have two or three extra  lines in one 
seperate page. For ex, If I have two pages to print, I'll have the following 
- the first page is full
- the second only have two or three lines
- the third is full
- and the fourth also have two or three lines.
While if it produces normally, I should have two pages only.

Do you know how to correct it?

Thanks for your help.



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