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Setting default fonts

From: Charles Muller
Subject: Setting default fonts
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 00:38:30 +0900 (JST)

 Marco Baringer helpfully advised:

> M-x set-default-font TAB
> will give you all the fonts available. this is kind of hackish, but it
> works.

My apologies for my denseness--I am completely new to Emacs, and am struggling.

When I do like the above, I then get a request for information like

  Font name:

But I don't know what I am supposed to input here.
When I do this:

> (insert (frame-parameter nil 'font))

Then, when I start Emacs, the first thing I get is a listing of an Adobe 
Courier 12 point font. But I don't know what I should do with this. Is there 
any chance that I could get you to explain just a bit further. I think I am 
almost there (I have gotten XML validation working, MEW working, and Japanese 
input working, so I should be able to work through this matter of default 

Thanks much,



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