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Re: Setting default fonts

From: Charles Muller
Subject: Re: Setting default fonts
Date: 13 Jun 2002 15:48:40 +0900

On Thu, 2002-06-13 at 01:56, Chuck Siska wrote:
> chuck --
> to see all the available fonts, first select a buffer into which
> you don't mind entering text (e.g., the *scratch* buffer).  now
> enter the following lisp expression in that buffer:
> (insert (prin1-to-string (x-list-fonts "*")))
> place the text cursor at the end of this lisp expression and type
> M-x eval-print-last-sexp.
> you should see a parenthesized list like the following appear immediately
> after that lisp expression.  each entry, in double-qoutes, is a
> font description.  (note, i've shortened my output list, here,
> from my own 880 entries to just the two shown.
> ("-*-Mini Pics Red Rock-normal-r-*-*-*-*-96-96-p-*-iso8859-1" "-*-Mini Pics 
> Lil
> Vehicles-normal-r-*-*-*-*-96-96-p-*-iso8859-1")
> now, i setup my initial font in emacs by executing the following
> lisp expressions when i'm running emacs on mswind.  These are
> executed automatically in my _emacs (or .emacs) file when emacs
> starts up, but you can execute them by hand if you wish.  note,
> that i've taken a liberty, here, of replacing some of the font
> description elements with a "*" wildcard, but you can just use
> one of the font descriptions directly.
> ; set font to terminal, regular, 6 point.
> (setq cs-default-font "-*-Terminal-normal-r-*-*-8-60-*-*-c-*-*-oem-")
> (progn
>   (setq initial-frame-alist
>         (append `((font . ,cs-default-font))
>                 initial-frame-alist))
>   (setq default-frame-alist
>         (append `((font . ,cs-default-font))
>                 default-frame-alist)))




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