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TTGG- Pick of the WEEK. 59-2

From: runitbyme6170w63
Subject: TTGG- Pick of the WEEK. 59-2
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 17:14:26 -0800

Great Job on last one PRVB .08 to .20
New Alert
7 day Watch and Hold Pick!

Anticipating revenue news on Zingo Sales AND Looking
for market results from contracts on their Biometrics
ID Payroll System

T & G2
symbol:  TTGG
Price .54

1. Company will earn 16% revenue generated from the
amount of play off of their licensing agreement to
distribute the "Ultimate" game by West Coast Game. 
(see press release below, Aug 5)

2. Biometric ID Payroll System - offers a customized
integrated fingerprint recognition system. 
Numerous business applications including:
** Payroll Time and Attendance
** Controls Alarms, Doors and turnstiles  etc.
** Tracks everyone precisely by location

All of this done by dedicated phone line and
offsite by Solutions Technology, Inc
Solutions Technology  is a subsidiary of T&G2.

Recently signed 2 contracts for this product !

James M. Farinella, CEO/ President of T&G2, stated:
"This is an exciting time. To know that we have
developed an innovative product that fills a
major void in the market should only mean
positive things going forward for the company
and its' shareholders. We have begun to 
aggressively market the system and the
response has been tremendous." 

Recent News (Aug 5th)
T & G2's Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Zingo Sales, Ltd.,
to Begin Earning Revenue Under License Agreement
for the New Ultimate Game

This quick alert is not a recommendation to buy sell
or hold this security.  All information provided
regarding the company is public knowledge from
either the company itself or other sources of public
information such as, news releases or filings.
Investors should not rely solely on the information 
contained in this letter, rather investors should use 
this as a starting point for doing additional research 
on the company. We may in the future hold a 
position in said company, and this can be 
construed as a conflict of interest. To be removed 
from future mailings return mail with "remove" in 
the subject line. As always do your DD and Happy


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