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Re: Version Control -- CVS log problem on WinXP

From: Edwin Stearns
Subject: Re: Version Control -- CVS log problem on WinXP
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 17:18:59 -0500

Hi Edwin,

Edwin Stearns
> I really like to use the Version Control commands on my CVS
> but I have run into a problem with logs.
> After I commit a file using C-x C-q and add an entry to the
> [...]
> **   Revision 1.6  2003/01/27 17:44:50 
> **   Blah blah Blah^M^M
> **   Blah blah blah^M
> **^M

I had similar problems with earlier versions of CVS from the WinCVS
distribution.  Recent versions didn't have the problem.  This
can also
probably also happen, if you use Cygwin with its "binary mount"
or MSYS CVS tools (MSYS always uses "binary mounts").

So try updating to a current WinCVS version or switch to "textmode
mounts", when you are want to use Cygwin.

Hope this helps, benny

I got the most recent WinCVS and I am not using cygwin and I am still having the same problem. It looks to me as if there is a problem with the Log-Edit mode. Has anybody else seen this problem? I may have to go back to using the WinCVS gui for commits.


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