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Re: using emacs/efs with@ in username

From: gebser
Subject: Re: using emacs/efs with@ in username
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 20:43:09 -0500 (EST)

If the problem is really the "at" sign (which I don't think it is), try 

C-x C-f /path/to/user TAB

and emacs should type in the 'at' sign for you (given that you don't 
have other files in the same subdir which start with "user" with some 
other character immediately after).

I suspect that the problem is that you created files with names like 
"/" which means that emacs thinks 
that "/" is a subdirectory.  If so, get 
around that by putting a backslash ('\') in front of each slash 
character ('/') when opening the file.

If this doesn't fix it for you, do an "ls -al" on the files in question 
and send the output to us.


andrew dunn at 00:08 (UTC-0000) on 6 Feb 2003 said:

= Hi,
= Ive been using XEmacs now with my own server for quite some time,
= opening and saving documents remotely using the format:
= /
= Recently Ive had to start editing files on a server that includes the @
= symbol in the username (e.g. ''), which seems to make it
= impossible to open files correctly.
= The format for opening now becomes:
= /
= As you'd expect this doesn't work because it doesn't know which @ symbol
= is part of the username, and which one separates the user from the
= domain. I hope this is clear what my problem is, and there is some kind
= of simple solution.
= Thanks for your help,

Happy Gui-Wei 4700

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