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Re: using emacs/efs with@ in username

From: Puff Addison
Subject: Re: using emacs/efs with@ in username
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 08:28:11 +0000
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andrew dunn wrote:


Thanks for your reply, but thats not really the issue. The problem I'm
having is loading files from a remote server. Usually if I load a file
from a remote FTP server in XEmacs the username is something like
"username" and the domain will be "".

To request this file in XEmacs I'd load it as:

Now, the problem comes when the FTP username isn't just "username" but
instead something like "". This means when logging
into the server via normal FTP I enter "" for the

So whenever I want to load this file in XEmacs I'd load it as:

This equates to the required format of:

But if the username contains an "@" symbol then I get an error:
"Wrong type argument: stringp, nil"

Thats pretty much as I'd expect because there are now two "@" symbols in
the line, and emacs doesn't know which part is the username and which is
the server.

Ive tried using:

But that doesn't work either.

Do you see what I mean ? Do you have any further suggestions ?

Thanks alot,




i.e a double back slash. This ensures that the @ is still escaped after the 
input has been read.

This  is a common problem. \ may be parsed an removed before one expects.

J. D. Addison

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