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Re: Setting up Emacs, AucTeX and (La)TeX on Mac OSX

From: Charles Bouldin
Subject: Re: Setting up Emacs, AucTeX and (La)TeX on Mac OSX
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 11:21:26 -0500
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In article <Sv83a.2489$Vx2.229336@wards>,
 "D. D. Brierton" <> wrote:

> Apologies for cross-posting to comp.text.tex and the Emacs groups. Please
> prune/set follow-ups accordingly.
> A friend of mine has decided at a very late stage of writing up her PhD
> thesis to switch from MS Word to LaTeX. She's a Mac user, using the latest
> OSX. As I wrote my thesis in LaTeX using Emacs/AucTeX I've offered to help
> her out. The trouble is that she's a Mac user who knows next to nothing about
> Unix, and I'm a Unix (specifically Linux) user who knows next to nothing
> about Macs. As this is quite late in the day for her to be doing this
> (although it is almost certainly necessary) I was wondering if someone out
> there might be able to point me in the direction of some how-tos, or even hold
> my (our) hand through this.
> First questions: is it best (or necessary) to install the X server Apple
> recently released, or are there native Aqua builds of Emacs and whatever DVI
> viewers she might need (I guess that if she just uses pdflatex then she can
> just use Aqua's native PDF rendering for previewing?)?
> Next question: are there nice prebuilt binary packages which we can download
> and install, or do we need to build from source, and if so, does the
> bog-standard OSX install contain all the necessary developer tools?
> Last (for now): how similar are the standard install paths on OSX to Linux?
> Can I just make install auctex into /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp? And do
> whatever LaTeX macros she needs go into ~/texmf?
> If there is a better place to post ask this kind of thing (e.g. an Aqua/OSX
> for Linux users newsgroup) then please let me know.
> TIA, Darren

The best thing to do for a Mac user who wants to get into LaTeX is to go 
to and get TeXShop. You'll also need to get the teTeX 
package for OSX. Both of these are very easy to install and use. TeXShop 
has an integrated editor and this should be just fine for getting 
started. You can then transition to BBEdit, Alpha or, eventually 
Emacs/auctex.....but my expectation would be that someone used to a Mac 
would not immediately take a liking to Emacs/Auctex.

To use TeXShop you don't need X11. Give TeXShop a'll be up and 
running about 10 minutes after the downloads are done.

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