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Re: ECB+semantic, ebrowse, ctags/etags

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: ECB+semantic, ebrowse, ctags/etags
Date: 14 Feb 2003 19:36:15 +0100
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On Fri, 14 Feb 2003, Peter Lee wrote:

>  If I'm on a c++ member function definition or a c++ member variable, I
>  would like to be able to jump to the declaration.
>  With ebrowse I can simply do ebrowse-tags-find-declaration (C-c b F).
>  I was under the impression that I could achieve the same thing with
>  either ECB+semantic or ctags/etags.
>  With ECB+semantic, all it seems to do is provide paned views of
>  interesting things in whatever file I'm in.  Is there a
>  jump-to-declaration that I'm just missing?  I'm using ecb 1.91.1 and
>  semantic 1.4.3.

This has nothing to do with ECB because ECB is "just" an ontop tool on the
semantic-parser and offers a layout-engine to display things like in IDEs.
But: AFAICS with the semanticdb library included in semantic you should be
able to do this fancy things. Eric Ludlam can give better information i
suppose. Maybe you should write to the semantic mailing list.


>  With ctags, it just cycles through tokens.  Is there a
>  find-declaration function for ctags/etags ?
>  I'd really like to just use ecb and not have to create browse files.
>  There is an annoying problem with browse files such that, if I have
>  multiple browse files loaded and hit (C-c b F) it will prompt me for
>  which tree I want to use (which is fine).  But when I select the tree
>  I want, instead of using the word under the cursor, as it would if
>  there were only one tree loaded, it will prompt me for the token.
>  Anyway, I'm just trying to get a feel for the best *C++* code
>  navigation package.  What does everyone here use for immediately
>  jumping to member func/variable declarations/definitions?
>  TIA.

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