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Really need a help: cut and paste

From: Tom Hu
Subject: Really need a help: cut and paste
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 00:03:22 -0800


I have this problem for a while and could not find the way to resolve
it. Please help:

I use MS Windows (win2k) with ReflectionX (openwin xterm).

1. I can cut (copy) and paste between two xterm or between xterm and
win2k netscape mail. But I can not copy (select copy) and paste from
xterm+emacs to win2k netscape mail or window Word. It seems to me the
emacs can not copy the text to Window application.

2. Somehow, when I cut (not copy) a text1 from xterm emacs #1 and paste
to xterm emacs #2. It works first time for text1. Then second time I
copy a text2 from xterm emacs #1 and want to paste the text2 to xterm
emacs #2. It always paste the text1 (old text) to xterm emacs #2. It
seems the second copy does not save into kill ring.



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