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Re: Really need a help: cut and paste

From: Tom Hu
Subject: Re: Really need a help: cut and paste
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 13:03:39 -0800

I am doing more test and found:

bring up two emacs editor from two different xterm (ReflectionX).

1. cut text1 from emacs1
2, cut text2 from emacs2 -- suppose the clipboard has text2 content.
3. intent to paste text2 to emacs1, it fails. Instead  pasting text2 to
emacs1, it pastes text1 to emacs1.

It seemes to me the two emacs does not share the clipboard content each

However, if I do this between xterm and emacs, it does not any problem
at all.

Any suggestion?

Tom Hu

Tom Hu wrote:
> Hi,
> I have this problem for a while and could not find the way to resolve
> it. Please help:
> I use MS Windows (win2k) with ReflectionX (openwin xterm).
> 1. I can cut (copy) and paste between two xterm or between xterm and
> win2k netscape mail. But I can not copy (select copy) and paste from
> xterm+emacs to win2k netscape mail or window Word. It seems to me the
> emacs can not copy the text to Window application.
> 2. Somehow, when I cut (not copy) a text1 from xterm emacs #1 and paste
> to xterm emacs #2. It works first time for text1. Then second time I
> copy a text2 from xterm emacs #1 and want to paste the text2 to xterm
> emacs #2. It always paste the text1 (old text) to xterm emacs #2. It
> seems the second copy does not save into kill ring.
> Thanks,
> Tom

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