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Re: please help cut and paste

From: Michael P. Broida
Subject: Re: please help cut and paste
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:32:58 GMT

Tom Hu wrote:
> I have this problem for a while and could not find the way to resolve
> it. Please help:
> I use MS Windows (win2k) with ReflectionX (openwin xterm).
> 1. I can cut (copy) and paste between two xterm or between xterm and
> win2k netscape mail. But I can not copy (select copy) and paste from
> xterm+emacs to win2k netscape mail or window Word. It seems to me the
> emacs can not copy the text to Window application.

        Might depend on how you're doing the "copy".

        Just highlighting a section of text is enough to
        "copy" for purposes within Emacs itself; Emacs
        can paste that in just fine.  And SOMETIMES that
        same block can be pasted into other applications.

        But some applications seem to draw ONLY from the
        Windows clipboard.  To work with those, I specifically
        do an Emacs "copy" using Esc-w (or Ctrl-w and Ctrl-y
        to cut and restore the original ).  Then the text
        is in Windows' clipboard and pastes just fine in
        every app I've used.  (I haven't specifically tried
        xterms, though.


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