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Re: Emacs minimised

From: Jesper Harder
Subject: Re: Emacs minimised
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 23:01:07 +0100
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Keith O'Connell <> writes:

> Yes its there, now I know to look. The problem is I did "man emacs"
> and it wasn't there. I figured if it wasn't in the man file it was
> worth asking.

'-iconic' is documented in the "Icons X" node in the Emacs manual.  For
GNU programs it's usually always best to look in Info first:

,----[ (standards)Man Pages ]
|    In the GNU project, man pages are secondary.  It is not necessary or
| expected for every GNU program to have a man page, but some of them do.
| It's your choice whether to include a man page in your program.
|    When you make this decision, consider that supporting a man page
| requires continual effort each time the program is changed.  The time
| you spend on the man page is time taken away from more useful work. [..]
|    When a program changes only a little, you may feel that the
| discrepancies are small enough that the man page remains useful without
| updating.  If so, put a prominent note near the beginning of the man
| page explaining that you don't maintain it and that the Texinfo manual
| is more authoritative.

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