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RE: html-helper-mode and table

From: jean daniel browne
Subject: RE: html-helper-mode and table
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 19:22:39 +0100

Two days of hand banging and finally, hallelujah: I was reading the
documentation of the current  html-helper-mode while loading and trying
on the old 94' nelson minar's file.

It solves my problem about table and ASP. Man, this F4 toggle mode looks
so great.

Thanks to the few who offered help, it helps to knowing that someone
managed to use the lib it.

Now I still have some questions though,
-anyone knows about loading the last recent file on emacs startup ?
-anyone knows about starting emacs on the file I double-click (NTemacs,
windows environment) ?
-anyone knows how to get rid of the horyzontal menu bar at the top of

Have a good day,

Jean Daniel Browne

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