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Re: emacs just won't let go of the past - old settings

From: chris.danx
Subject: Re: emacs just won't let go of the past - old settings
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 18:25:29 +0000
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Kai Gro├čjohann wrote:
"chris.danx" <> writes:

Strange.  Maybe your site admin has changed things so that
custom-file is changed and the new file is loaded?  Type C-h v
custom-file RET to find out.

It gives nil (I hadn't changed it from the default). To clarify I loaded the .el file via .emacs and after a M-x color-theme it appended a menu to "options". It has left all the colours as specified last time by doing M-x color-theme, yet .emacs contains no reference to it any longer. Perhaps it had to be unloaded in a special way?

I removed .emacs.d, .emacs & .emacs-places and tried this & the elisp for this has also been taken off the load path :? Also tried "emacs -q" & "emacs -no-site-file", but it still highlights as per color-theme settings.


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