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Re: Program structure of Pstricks, what is its basic structure?

From: Timothy Van Zandt
Subject: Re: Program structure of Pstricks, what is its basic structure?
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 10:49:37 -0500
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This malicious slander is so asinine that I'll regret lowering myself to a response. The file pstricks.doc documents the main source code. I don't have anything I've never released.

Timothy Van Zandt
Prof of Economics, INSEAD
2003-2004: Visiting Prof at NYU Stern

Crashedandburnt wrote:
I am sorry to report a telephone conversation that I had some years
ago with
the author of this package. I vaguely remember his exact name, Timothy
van zandt or sth like that. But what I clearly remember is that he was
some kind of
economist and wrote this package to write his book(s). He said that
Leslie Lamport has made millions from his LaTeXbook and he expects
[big] money for his package. He said that he has not released
documentation on the package and will not release the documentation on
how it works. I asked how he knew LL had made million? He said, just
look at the printings, it has over a million. Assuming LL gets a
dollar for the royalty, he has made a million bucks.

     <more nonsense omitted>
crashed and burnt

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