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RE: Hardcopy of selected sections Emacs info

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Hardcopy of selected sections Emacs info
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 15:22:00 -0700

My library info+.el has a command that lets you merge all Info nodes under a
given node into the same Info buffer, with appropriate headings and
subheadings. If you use this at the top Info node for the Emacs manual, you
will get the whole manual in one buffer. You can then print this out.

Here is the library: See for explanation.

Also, my library mkhtml.el lets you convert an Info buffer (or merged Info
buffer - see previous) to hyperlinked HTML that looks just like what you see
in Emacs. The Info mouse links are converted to HTML hyperlinks. Here is
that library: See for explanation.

Note: These libraries work in Emacs 20; they may not work in Emacs 21 out of
the box.

 - Drew

P.S. You can also download a PostScript version of the Emacs manual from

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Subject: Re: Hardcopy of selected sections Emacs info

In <address@hidden> Michael Slass <address@hidden>

>Irving Kimura <address@hidden> writes:

>>I'm trying to figure out how to print out selected sections of the
>>Emacs documentation (I normally read it via C-h i, etc.)
>>I can't find any *.texi or *.ps files for the distribution I have.
>>Where can I find a printable version of the documentation for v.
>>21.3 ?

>Does printing from within emacs with File --> Postscript Print Buffer
>work for you?

Yes and no.  It prints the current buffer, but the information is
spread over many buffers.  I don't want to print the entire info
subtree for the section of interest by visiting each node and
printing it.  This is not only time-inefficient, but space-inefficient
as well, since many of these info node buffers contain only one
short paragraph.


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