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CC-mode comment syntax does not use `<'

From: mj s
Subject: CC-mode comment syntax does not use `<'
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 09:55:07 -0700

I was attempting to write a function that would look for the beginning and 
ending of comments in C files.  I planned on using (skip-syntax-forward "^<") 
and (skip-syntax-forward "^>") or something similar.  However, the C syntax 
table of C-h s only defines the C++ endcomment as `>'.  C-style comments are 
defined as `.' (punctuation).  I did not understand why the CC-mode would not 
bother to define the comment-start and comment-end syntaxes; the Lisp Mode 
Syntax has done so.  Is comment syntax deprecated; and if so, what is the 
currently preferred non-mode-specific method?

Thank you.
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