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convert windows path to cygwin path in emacs

From: Arthur Davis
Subject: convert windows path to cygwin path in emacs
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 12:07:58 -0400

I've found that on my windows 2000 machine, I can drag and drop files onto a
shortcut to emacsclient (from cygwin) and the file will open in emacs - well
sort of...  Actually, it gives me a new buffer named the windows pathname.
For instance, if I drag c:\path\file.txt onto my shortcut, I get a new
buffer named c:\path\file.txt.  It would seem like an easy task to add a
hook for opening a file that would look for filenames of this form and
convert them to /cygdrive/c/path/file.txt.  However, I'm not a lisp
programmer and don't know where to start.  Has anyone done this already?
Any pointers?


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