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Re: search and replace

From: Mike Ballard
Subject: Re: search and replace
Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2004 23:02:07 GMT
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On Sat Jul 03, I was peacefully napping until David Rasmussen said:

> I am trying with query replace to replace
> \ncline[linewidth=0.3mm,offset=-1.5mm,arrows=->,nodesep=4mm]
> with
> \traverse
> but it just replaces 0 occurrences. I don't understand why.
> Do I have to do anything special? Is it because the string contains special 
> characters
> or ... ?

No.  Most likely.  Did you try partial searches up to say the "," and/or
the "-"?  "-" (at the least) need to be escaped...


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