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Re: Making Emacs more newbie friendly

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: Making Emacs more newbie friendly
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 09:22:36 -0600

   > Another extreme possibility would be to use
   > html2text or 'lynx -dump'
   > (or something similar) as one's primary "browser"

   Joe, we aren't living in the 80ths anymore! 

Sadly, I'm not entirely sure about that.  Michael Jackson
is a big celeb. again, who'd have thunk it? 

   A seamless web browser feature for previewing the
   content of a HTML document,  like Editplus does using
   OLE and Internet Explorer, is what we really need in
   the third Millenia, and not redirecting the output of
   inferior text mode browsers into an emacs frame.

Why not have both?  I hacked together a totally excellent text browser
redirection program last night[*], now its your turn.

Actually, there is already something like this for previewing
javascript[**], so I'd assume that there is also something for
previewing HTML out on the market too.

[*] watch for this on gnu-emacs-sources
[**] see thread

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