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Re: swap CapsLock and Ctrl only in Emacs

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: swap CapsLock and Ctrl only in Emacs
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 20:37:41 +1000
User-agent: Gnus/5.110004 (No Gnus v0.4) Emacs/22.0.50 (gnu/linux) writes:

> Hi,
> according to and to 
> this is not 
> possible in Emacs. Is this still impossible in Emacs 22? And what about 
> EmacsW32?
> Thanks,
> P

I don't believe you are likely to ever be able to do this from within
emacs (via elisp) as you need to somehow intercept every keystroke
prior to it being interpreted by emacs and modify the definitions for
the keys you want to re-map. It would also involve an additional level
of mapping and I'm not sure how you would do this reliably and
efficiently on a multi-user system.

Under X the solution is easy - you re-map the keys at the X level
using utilities like modmap. For Windows, its a lot trickier as you
either have to install a new driver or hack the registry. Either
option has considerable risk. I would go for the keyboard driver
solution as it is likely to be more consistent and reliable than a
registry hack. Of course, you have to be confident the keyboard driver
has been well written and behaves nicely with other keyboard drivers
which have/may also be loaded and that can be a little tricky under windows.

tcross (at) rapttech dot com dot au

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