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Re: Connecting to remote Emacs?

From: alistair_happencross
Subject: Re: Connecting to remote Emacs?
Date: 16 Jun 2006 12:04:44 -0700
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Pascal Bourguignon wrote:

> So I have this in my ~/.emacs:


Thanks, Pascal.  It's a really cool idea and works quite well for me --
I just had to change the setf's appropriately (are you using the CL

> or, if you want it thru ssh:
> ssh -X bash -c 'echo $DISPLAY | tee -a ~/frame-emacs \
>                                     -a ~/frame-gnus  \
>                                     -a ~/frame-erc '

This doesn't seem to work for me (after adding the remote host to the
command line).  I think the ssh process disconnects before the
frame-server has a chance to pick up the connection.

So I do something like this from my local shell:

$ ssh -X $remotehost
$ echo $DISPLAY | tee -a ~/frame-emacs

which is OK.  However, after closing the frame with `C-x 5 0', I cannot
exit the interactive ssh session cleanly with C-d -- it needs prodding
with C-c.  Maybe Emacs isn't closing the X connection properly?

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