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Re: Connecting to remote Emacs?

From: alistair_happencross
Subject: Re: Connecting to remote Emacs?
Date: 16 Jun 2006 12:08:17 -0700
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Pascal Bourguignon wrote:

> Andrea Russo <> writes:
> > In the X11 forwarded ssh shell:
> >
> > $ emacsclient -e "(make-frame-on-display \"$DISPLAY\")"
> >
> This -e option is new. (Did it work already in 21.3?)
> Moreover, it works only on the only emacs server per user.

I dug around in server.el and found this:

(defvar server-name "server")

(defvar server-socket-dir
  (format "/tmp/emacs%d" (user-uid)))

So, perhaps, after setting these appropriately and using the -s option
of emacsclient, it would give functionality comparable to your solution?

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