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Re: "more", "ls -l", and column 80 in shell

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: "more", "ls -l", and column 80 in shell
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 10:35:42 +0200

Am 25.06.2006 um 02:30 schrieb David Combs:

In article <>,
Peter Dyballa  <Peter_Dyballa@Web.DE> wrote:

The first time I heard of eshell and term is today!  I tried each:
eshell exits when I execute a script that contains an "exit".  term
doesn't pass ^H to emacs. And eshell didn't get my .cshrc right; some
commands didn't work, e.g. "set".

Add some if's to .cshrc! This way your eshell can bypass codes that
only makes sense in an xterm or such.

Examples?  (eg from your .cshrc?)   THANKS

        if ($?TERM) then
            if (($TERM == xterm) | ($TERM == nxterm)) then
                setenv TERM     xterm-color
                setenv TERMCAP  /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/etc/xterm.termcap
        ####        tty > /dev/null
        ####        if ($status == 0) stty erase '^?'
            if (! $?DISPLAY) setenv DISPLAY :0.0
set path=(~/bin $path) #/usr/local/bin /usr/local/teTeX/bin/ powerpc-apple-darwin-current)
            set ignore = (.o a.out)
            set prompt = "`echo $user` ! /\\ "

You could also check if $TERM is "emacs" ... If your ls does not colourise its output by default, you could switch that on in such a clause as above. I have to switch this off in ~/.emacs_tcsh because in *shell* buffer I would see a lot of ANSI Esc sequences to switch colour or brightness on or off.

The value of cwd can get lost, I know, this happens to me, too. Do
you set some cdpath? Do you have directories with non-ASCII
components in the name? SPACE should work. I think when cwd gets lost
it has to do with incorrect customisation, but I never tracked this
down, I either killed the *shell* buffer and created a new one or re-
launched whole GNU Emacs. With session or desktop the old layout
buffers are restored ...

How about a simple "M-x dirs" -- seems to re-sync *shell*
to know where it *really* is.  Works for me.

Whenever this happened M-x dirs did not always cure it. Changing working directory and returning could make GNU Emacs forget about the current working directory. It did not happen this year, and I have to admit that I am working in unstable Emacsen. This might explain my failures.



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