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Re: configuring emacs as a programmer's editor

From: Ted
Subject: Re: configuring emacs as a programmer's editor
Date: 30 Jun 2006 09:14:52 -0700
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Le Wang wrote:
> Ted wrote:
> `mode-compile' is missing.  You then do a web search and find that it's
> available here:  "";.  You follow

Thanks all.  I found, with a little experimenting, that I didn't need
much of what I thought I needed.

I am using version 21.3 of emacs, if that matters.

I didn't find mode-compile.el on my system, and so I downloaded it from
the site you cite above.  I tried to byte compile within emacs, as
instructed, but no mode-compile.elc is made.  The output I get is:

Compiling file c:/emacs-21.3/mode-compile.el at Fri Jun 30 11:54:37
  !! End of file during parsing

This looks like an error message, but it doesn't make sense given that
the last line in the file is:

;;; mode-compile.el ends here

This tells me that the file I'm working with has not been truncated.

Why does byte-compiling this file fail?  Is the file on the above site
defective?  Is the file available elsewhere?


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