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Re: How old are Emacs users?

From: Joe Fineman
Subject: Re: How old are Emacs users?
Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 04:00:23 GMT
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Rjjd <address@hidden> writes:

> Joe Fineman wrote:
> ...
>> This trilobite is 69 & has been using Emacs for 20 years.
> Well, I thought I was the Oldest Member, but Joe has 5 years on me.
> I started using emacs when it was TECO.

Ah, well, if we're doing prehistory, then I was using TV -- a
screen-oriented version of TECO -- in the mid '70s.  I cannot see any
resemblance between it & Emacs, however.  My understanding of the
relation between TECO & Emacs is that Stallman wrote the first Emacs
*in* TECO, there being no Elisp.
---  Joe Fineman    address@hidden

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