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Re: How old are Emacs users?

From: Gordon Beaton
Subject: Re: How old are Emacs users?
Date: 02 May 2007 10:47:14 GMT
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On Wed, 2 May 2007 12:12:10 -0400, Gian Uberto Lauri wrote:
> More seriously: in some 1950  books I readed about blackening out with
> a pencil the place where a hole should have been. The blackening could
> be rubbedo  out. This made sense  where a punched card  was a "record"
> with columns (or groups of or even part of) being "fields".
> Graphite could be later sensed and use to drive the final punching...

When I was in school in the mid-1970's we had an HP 9830A that we
programmed using 80-column cards marked with a pencil, i.e. no holes
at all.

I didn't start using emacs until 1988 though, on TOPS-20.



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