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Re: how to change buffer like in visual studio, ultraedit etc (like Alt-

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: how to change buffer like in visual studio, ultraedit etc (like Alt-Tab in windows but for buffers)?
Date: Sun, 06 May 2007 21:04:22 +0200
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mopi wrote:

I have tried swbuff-y but pressing C-tab only once just brings up the
buffer-switcher and don't switch to last viewed buffer.

Customize swbuff-delay-switch to change that.

Also, when I
cycle to a another buffer name in the list I need to press RET to
actually switch to it. The preferred way would be to switch to the
currently highlighted buffer when I release the Ctrl key. Like Alt-Tab
works in windows.

Unfortunately you can not make it act precisely like that in Emacs. However you can press for example Tab to do the switching. This is a bit more convenient then pressing RET.

You can also press n for "new frame" or w for "other window".

But there is a hugh amount of ways to do buffer switching. I looked once at Icicle for that, but really have not had the chance to try it out yet.

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