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Re: nXhtml-mode font-lock customizations ??

From: William Case
Subject: Re: nXhtml-mode font-lock customizations ??
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 13:34:15 -0400


Stupidity Check.

On Thu, 2007-05-10 at 12:38 -0400, William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> I have been happily using nXhtml for over a week now.
> I would like to take a look at the font-lock-faces for different modes
> (HTML, PHP) and perhaps make minor adjustments.  Do I customize the
> font-lock-faces for each mode separately, change the syntax table or is
> there a combined nXhtml font-lock-faces customization?
> For example on my current file a long red line/underline (mainly in some
> empty lines, but in some text) shows and a can't figure out what it
> represents, if any thing.  

> A red underline shows up under some tags.  If
> it is showing an error, those lines are not errors (I believe -- the
> page works?).
Error:  Some tags are capitalized and this shows up underlined in red as
an error, as it should.  Lower casing those tags removes the red

Still don't understand why <? ... ?> deserves a full line error.  For
"    <!-- ==============  STANDARD FOOTER  =============== -->
   include "includes/footer-oclug.html";
?> " is marked as an error.  If there is, in fact, a php error here I'll
double check the manual, but I don't see it and it works.  Works right
in php-mode.   Getting warning in other buffer "Error
(mumamo-fontify-region): Should not happen"

Just wondering if nXhtml is correctly identifying an error. 

And, I would like to brighten (change the blue shade ) of the <TAGS> and
if possible make some small changes so that php tags etc. more closely
resemble the font-lock-faces I have set up for php-mode.

Regards Bill

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