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Re: nXhtml-mode font-lock customizations ??

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: nXhtml-mode font-lock customizations ??
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 23:46:19 +0200
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William Case wrote:

Still don't understand why <? ... ?> deserves a full line error.  For
"    <!-- ==============  STANDARD FOOTER  =============== -->
   include "includes/footer-oclug.html";
?> " is marked as an error.  If there is, in fact, a php error here I'll
double check the manual, but I don't see it and it works.  Works right
in php-mode.

This is a good question and I need to explain. The validation (that gives the red underlines) is done by the validation code from nXml. That code is very good for XML, but knows nothing about PHP. In nXhtml I try to use the same validation code for PHP too. It therefore gives some nonsense error.

In the future the validation code ought to be taken out and changed so that it can handle PHP (and similar cases) better. However that is a big and difficult job and nothing I can do now.

I still think however that the validation code is very useful because it is this code that also gives the context sensitive completion in the XHTML part of PHP code.

The red underlines are sometimes useful, sometimes not. You can turn them of with C-c C-w.

Getting warning in other buffer "Error
(mumamo-fontify-region): Should not happen"

That is a bug. I hope I have fixed this. If you want to test then please use the beta code here:

And, I would like to brighten (change the blue shade )

That is a defcustom in the group 'mumamo (or 'nxhtml).

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