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Re: Emacs 21 or snapshot?

From: Will Parsons
Subject: Re: Emacs 21 or snapshot?
Date: 10 May 2007 17:09:32 GMT
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Lennart Borgman (gmail) wrote:
> Will Parsons wrote:
>> The problem is
>> that I use Emacs on my Windows machine to remotely edit files on other
>> systems using ange-ftp or (on Emacs 22) tramp.  There is a noticeable lag
>> after saving a remote file under Emacs 22.  It appears that that file is
>> transferred to the remote system quickly enough, since I can see it on the
>> remote system shortly after saving it in Emacs, but Emacs seems to hang for
>> a "long" period (I haven't actually measured it - probably several 
>> minutes), in which time Emacs doesn't update or receive input.
> I wonder if this is the same problem that I have seen before. I had some 
> problems like this and I therefore patched Emacs a bit to avoid them. I 
> am not sure at all, but I use tramp (with ftp) very often without any 
> problems with the patched version of Emacs+EmacsW32.
> The patched was deemed too bad to go into Emacs however.

I tried out your patched version, but it seems to react the same - the
file is saved to the remote system very quickly, but Emacs becomes
unresponsive for a couple of minutes after.  (This is using tramp with ftp.)
I'll play around some more with it.  If you have any suggestions on any
settings to look at that might be relevant, I'd be interested.

- Will

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