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Problem loading icicles.el after my .emacs is loaded

From: Nordlöw
Subject: Problem loading icicles.el after my .emacs is loaded
Date: 22 May 2007 05:01:46 -0700
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Hey, there.

icicles seems to be a marvellous emacs-must-have and works very nicely
for me when I load it without first loading my .emacs. But when I do
load my .emacs first it fails and spits out this single error message
that I cannot relate to any of my previous emacs lisp knowledge:

load-with-code-conversion: Symbol's value as variable is void: Obsolete

I have googled it but I could not find any pages related to my

I have also searched for the string "Obselete" in the emacs cvs
sources and in my own .emacs, extensions and configurations without
getting any hits.

What am I doing wrong? How can I trace the problem? I would really
like to get icicles working with my other emacs add-ons.

Thanks in advance,

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