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RE: Problem loading icicles.el after my .emacs is loaded

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Problem loading icicles.el after my .emacs is loaded
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 06:24:04 -0700

> icicles seems to be a marvellous emacs-must-have and works very nicely
> for me when I load it without first loading my .emacs. But when I do
> load my .emacs first it fails and spits out this single error message
> that I cannot relate to any of my previous emacs lisp knowledge:
> load-with-code-conversion: Symbol's value as variable is void: Obsolete
> \.
> I have googled it but I could not find any pages related to my
> problem. I have also searched for the string "Obselete" in the emacs cvs
> sources and in my own .emacs, extensions and configurations without
> getting any hits.
> What am I doing wrong? How can I trace the problem? I would really
> like to get icicles working with my other emacs add-ons.

I unfortunately know nothing about `load-with-code-conversion' (so far).
Perhaps someone else will be able to offer a suggestion regarding the error

The first step for something like this is generally to try to find out
exactly which part of your .emacs provokes the error. To do that, use a
binary search: Comment out half of the .emacs to find which half is
problematic, then comment half of that half, and so on. Binary search is
extremely quick - in a few iterations you will have at least located what,
in combination with Icicles, is provoking the error.

Also, please always report which version of Emacs you are using. The more
info you provide (platform/OS, Icicles update #, phase of the moon...), the

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