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Re: customizing emacs windows

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: customizing emacs windows
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 13:29:36 +1000
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Ivan <address@hidden> writes:

> On петък, Май 25 2007, Ivan wrote:
>> First, thanks for your messages. Sorry if I wasn't quite clear in my
>> request. I almost managed to achieve what I needed with simple
>> Emacs-commands. I defined a function in .emacs that opens buffers and
>> splits windows and I called that function on Emacs start. I used
>> commands such as split-window-vertically, find-file, other-window and
>> so on. It is not perfect because I have problems controlling which
>> window which buffer to display as one of the things I start is - run
>> Slime and Slime does some strange things with the windows. I also have
>> problems controlling windows's sizes. 
>> My requirements are very simple for now - I need the Emacs frame
>> devided into several windows with particular sizes. Each window should
>> display a particular buffer.
> As a matter of fact what I'm trying to do is make Emacs provide an
> integrated development environment for Lisp development like
> Eclispe. I need several buffers:
> 1. REPL
> 2. Log output buffer
> 3. Project's source files tree
> 4. Web browser

Something which may provide some ideas or some code you could borrow is the
emacs window manager. I think it may be mentioned on the emacs wiki site
( and at one time, I think there was a Debian package for

>From memory, it only works for XEmacs, but it may have some code or ideas you
could use to create the function you want. 

Another possibility depends on your window manager. I use Sawfish, which is a
light weight window manager written in 'rep', which is essentially a lisp
dialect. However, it has support for window groups, named desktops etc and the
ability to send specific windows to specific workspaces and positions. It would
probably be possible to use a combination of emacs and rep to control frame
placement and some emacs functions to divide up the frames according to how you
want them. 

When using slime, I open three frames, send them to different workspaces and
have a function key defined to switch between the frames. In one frame I have a
buffer witht he source code in it, in another frame, I have the slime REPL and
log window and in the third frame, I have w3m. I've thought about automating
the whole process, but to be honest, haven't bothered because I restart emacs
so rarely that its not really been necessary. I usually have about 15 different
workspaces and different emacs frames on most of them. I then just switch
between workspaces using two function keys or by moving the mouse to the left
or right edge of the screen. 

A package able to open frames, divide them up into windows, associate specific
buffers with the windows and distribute the frames over specific workspaces
would be very handy. The ability to define 'groups' of such would be even more
useful than just the ability to save your config on exit and restore it. 


tcross (at) rapttech dot com dot au

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