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RE: fit-frame every time i open a file

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: fit-frame every time i open a file
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 07:18:03 -0700

> This is what I get in the *Help* buffer:
> set-mode-style-after-make-frame is a Lisp function in `aquamacs-
> styles.el'. (set-mode-style-after-make-frame frame)
> Not documented.
> So obviously Aquamacs-specific code.

You can click `mouse-2' on `aquamacs-styles.el' to go to its definition.
Sometimes there are comments in the code that will help you understand what
it does. And sometimes the code itself is understandable, even for someone
new to Lisp. (And it's one way to learn a little Lisp, in passing...)

> > If `after-make-frame-functions' has value (fit-frame), then `fit-
> > frame' should be called. You can do this to see if it is called:
> > M-x debug-on-entry RET fit-frame RET
> I activated up the debugger, then opened a new file and the debugger
> didn't start, probably meaning that `fit-frame' never got called.

That's what I suspected.

> I double-checked and `after-make-frame-functions' indeed had the value
> (fit-frame). I suppose this means that the problem is Aquamacs
> ignoring this call...?

I don't know, sorry. At least the problem is apparently not with
`fit-frame'. I think you'll need to contact an Aquamacs expert.

> Is there any way I can debug the hook itself, and maybe see why it
> doesn't call `fit-frame'?

Try debugging `make-frame'.

There might be other code to debug instead or in addition, but I don't have
the time now to search for it. If you `grep' the Lisp source files you might
find code that runs the hook, and then you can debug that.

You can also define a command that calls `find-file' (or whatever), and then
debug that. Sooner or later, you will get to the hook.

Good luck. Try also what Peter suggested: contacting an Aquamacs mailing

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