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emacs-22.1 whitespace.el: whitespace-check-indent-whitespace ignored?

From: mephinet
Subject: emacs-22.1 whitespace.el: whitespace-check-indent-whitespace ignored?
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 13:15:42 +0200


I recently updated to emacs 22.1, and started using the builtin whitespace-mode.
However, it seems to me that my customized setting of 
whitespace-check-indent-whitespace to nil is ignored:
from how I understand the source, the buffer-local variable 
whitespace-check-buffer-indent is supposed to default to the value of 
whitespace-check-indent-whitespace, unless it is (manually) modified.
If I evaluate both variables in my scratch buffer, however,
whitespace-check-indent-whitespace is nil, whereas
whitespace-check-buffer-indent it t.
The same happens in python-mode. Any idea what changes the value of 
whitespace-check-buffer-indent from its default?

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